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Your Home for Leather Covered Guitars, Straps, etc

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      We do Les Pauls


      John 3:16


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      We want you to be happy with your product.

      If you find something not to your liking, we will               do all we can to fix the problem.  

                       We are proud to offer a complete Handtooled Leather Cover with all the

         Trimmings.We use only highest grade leather available at an affordable price for both of us.

                         We also use the strongest 100% pure leather Lace we can find.

                           (So you dont have to worry about it just breaking on its own )

               All Covers are stained or painted with top quality Paints by Cova and Esquire.

                          All guitars are completely setup for playability and comfort.

Send us your Guitar for covering or Buy one of our own Fender Telecasters

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      William Nelson of Auburn Alabama

   Got his Waylon Telecaster Thanksgiving

 Of 2015. Came to my home. Beautiful Family